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  • The Secret Ingredient in Trump’s Food Stamp Plan
    by Tracey Deutsch Trump’s proposal for a “harvest box” for SNAP recipients would be a massive shift in federal food assistance.  For starters, these boxes would dramatically reduce individuals’ […]
  • What’s in a Weed
    By Sharon Perrone   Last semester, I had the fortune of attending part of a two-day symposium entitled “Exploring African Agriculture Futures” co-sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Center for […]
  • Have You Been Here Before?
    By Dr. Tracey Deutsch That was the question asked during an orientation at Simpson Overnight Shelter a local homeless shelter that also offers breakfasts and dinners.  I was there with my son’s […]
  • #ChangingtheNarrative of Indigenous Food
    by Megan Red Shirt-Shaw and John Little When envisioning “traditional Native American food,” the conclusion for many, who may not understand that different communities celebrate different traditional […]
  • Vulnerable in Public
    Nicholas Williams “My body is a record of the life I’ve lived, the relationships I’ve formed, the love I’ve been given, the lessons I’ve learned.” I stood there, looking out onto the audience, not […]